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JAMMIN’ Pina Colada Jam


Pina Colada Jam by JAMMIN’

FLAVOR: Pineapple


NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Pineapple, Cane Sugar, Cream of Coconut, GMO-Free Pectin.

Enjoy within 1 Yr. of Purchase.

Refrigerate after opening.

* SHIPPING : Small Box = 1-3 Jams, Medium Box = 4-8 Jams, Large Box = 9-12 Jams.

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Product Description

If you like Pina Coladas, you will love JAMMIN’ Pina Colada jam! This makes a perfect spread for a ham sandwich (kind of like a Hawaiian pizza), makes a delicious glaze for fish (especially salmon) or ham, great addition to a cheese/charcuterie board, and makes a yummy Pina Colada & cream cheese sandwich!


-William (Key Biscayne) – “When I tasted this jam I felt like I was on vacation!…I’ll take another!”

-Rachel (Miami, FL) – “I could drink this jam, its so good! Tastes like a Pina Colada!”

-Marcela (Pinecrest, FL) – “My one and only…JAMMIN’ Pina Colada Jam!”

-Suzy (Hollywood, FL) – “I glazed a ham with this jam for Thanksgiving and it was a hit! The only problem was there was no leftovers!”

-Jason (Miami) – “Out of control! Grilled salmon with this jam spread on top & I now will cook all my fish with this jam!