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Guava Jalapeno Jam


Guava Jalapeno Jam by JAMMIN”

FLAVOR: Guava with a kick


NATURAL INGREDIENTS:  Guava, Cane Sugar, Jalapeno, GMO-Free Pectin, Lime Juice.

Enjoy within 1 year of purchase.

Refrigerate after opening.

* SHIPPING : Small Box = 1-3 Jams, Medium Box = 4-8 jams, Large Box = 9-12 jars.

Product Description

JAMMIN’s Guava Jalapeno jam has the yummy taste of guava with some heat from jalapeños! This has been a hit on cheese and charcuterie boards.  It gives each bite a burst of flavor.  Sweet and savory.  Spread some on a baked brie, use in it guava pastries, spread it on fish, and glaze it on pork chops! It is JAMMIN’!


– Lara (Miami, FL) – “A different take on guava! It’s amazing…I used it in a guava/cream cheese recipe and it is always a hit!”

– Martin (Miami, FL) – “I grew up on guava jelly & this is now my new favorite jam!

– Joy (Miami, FL) – “Delicioso!”

– Hayley (Key Biscayne, FL) – “It is the perfect mix, sweet with some heat! I love it!”

– A Miami Foodie (Kendall, FL) – “You can could spread this jam on a brick and it would taste good!”

-Barbie (Miami, FL) – “This jam is FIRE AMAZING ADDICTING!”