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Cranberry Jalapeño Jam


Cranberry Jalapeño Jam by JAMMIN’ FLAVOR:  Cranberry & Jalapeño JAR SIZE: 8 OZ NATURAL INGREDIENTS:  Cranberries, Cane Sugar, Jalapeno Peppers, GMO Free Pectin, Vinegar. Enjoy within 1 Yr. of Purchase. Refrigerate After Opening! * Shipping : Medium Box = up to 8 jars. Large Box = 9-12 jars.

Product Description

JAMMIN’ Cranberry Jalapeño jam is sweet and tangy with a kick.   It is a must have during the holidays.  This jam is a perfect condiment for Thanksgiving dinner, spread it on a turkey sandwich, great addition to a cheese/charcuterie board, and spread it over a baked brie! This jam is seasonal so get it while its hot! REVIEWS:   – Eddie (Miami, FL) – I don’t even need turkey dinner! I will just eat it out of the jar! It’s amazing!!! – Lily (Miami, FL) – “It could be the next best thing!” – Andrea (Miami, FL) – “My new condiment for Thanksgiving!” – Pam (Hollywood, FL) – “I spread this jam on my turkey and baked it for Thanksgiving dinner….I didn’t have any leftovers! -Ann (Miami, FL) – “How did I eat a cheeseboard without this jam? It pairs well with any cheese. Amazing.”