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JAMMIN’ Baked Brie

Put your brie in a baking dish and top with your favorite JAMMIN’ Jalapeño jam and bake till the cheese starts to ooze. Serve with crackers, sliced bread, apples or pear slices! You can also wrap your brie inside a store bought crescent roll and bake, then drizzle the jam on top!    

JAMMIN’ Apple Pie Dessert!

Put vanilla ice cream in a bowl and spoon some JAMMIN’ Apple Pie jam over it! Tastes like your eating Apple Pie Ala Mode!

JAMMIN’ Deviled Eggs

Make your usual deviled egg recipe and just drizzle a little JAMMIN’ Jalapeño jam on top of each egg! It’s so good!

JAMMIN’ Cheesecake!

With a homemade or store bought cheesecake, spread a JAMMIN’ jam on top! This cheesecake used JAMMIN’ Very Berry jam! Why use store bought canned fruit filled with preservatives when you can use all natural jam instead!


Beer Jam Wings!

Depending on how many wings your cooking, spoon out some JAMMIN’ Brewski jam in a bowl and whisk the jam till the jam thins out. Season, Grill/Bake wings till cooked, use a brush and glaze the wings with the jam and put the wings back on the grill or in the oven till the jam on the wings ge ...