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JAMMIN’ Banana Jam Pancakes!

Instead of using syrup, just use JAMMIN’ Banana jam. The heat from the pancakes will melt the jam and will turn into a yummy syrup with pieces of bananas!

JAMMIN’ Cheese Board

Use sliced cheeses, Brie or whatever you like best, add some fruits, nuts, olives, sliced meats, crackers/bread and use a JAMMIN’ jam to top it off with!

JAMMIN’ Pina Colada Fish Dish!

Spread JAMMIN’ Pina Colada jam on top of fish filet. Add a few pieces of butter on top. Bake at 350 degrees till fish is cooked through. This fish dish is amazing!


Red Wine Blue Cheese Spread!

Mix together in a bowl softened cream cheese and crumbled blue cheese (keep in fridge till served.) Spread the blue cheese spread on crackers or bread and drizzle red wine jam on top! Perfect combination! Cheers!

JAMMIN’ Brie Appetizer!

Put your brie in a baking dish and top with JAMMIN’ Jalapeño jam and bake till the cheese starts to ooze. Serve with crackers or bread! You can also wrap your brie inside a store bought crescent roll and bake, then drizzle the jam on top!

JAMMIN’ Apple Pie Dessert!

Put vanilla ice cream in a bowl and spoon some JAMMIN’ Apple Pie jam over it! Tastes like your eating Apple Pie Ala Mode!